Installing applications

        Installing applications: QuickDictionary3000.
     Naizv applications to install applications: QuickDictionary3000 and add new dictionaries downloaded from the Internet consists of the dictionary's name and add these words: InstallQuickDictionary3000.exe So for example if you download it sete Italijansko-English dictionary application name would be: ITA_ENG_InstallQuickDictionary3000.exe
     Application to install applications: QuickDictionary3000 and add new dictionaries were purchased on a CD called Setup.exe
     On CD media rack is set for automatic start-up procedure for the installation procedure at the moment in Windows Explorer, selects CD on which it is located. If you turned off the automatic start-up applications from the CD do the following steps.
      On the hanger where you are installing the application: QuickDictionary3000 startujte application Setup.exe in the application, click the button: OK, and then specify the hard disk and folder in which the application is installed. Click the command button with the picture:
then you should wait until the application is installed. On the last search, click the button: OK, and the application was installed.
      After successfully completing the installation application automatically starts an application to add new vocabulary in the application folder.
      If the case that you are on the hard drive before install the application: QuickDictionary3000 to re-start-up Installation application Setup.exe, click the OK button.
      Installation of applications will start the Setup.exe application to add a dictionary, it will turn itself off.

      If you have dwnloaded the install application via the Internet follov next steps.

Start downloaded NameOfDictionary_QuickDictionary3000.Exe application. And then appears this dialog box:

     To continue installation, select the command button:
after Installation of applications which checks whether the application is: QuickDictionary3000 already installed on your computer. If not, install applications to install the application: QuickDictionary3000 the same way as if installing from CD and all the already mentioned methods for installing applications from CDs are the same as the procedures for an installation application that you downloaded from the Internet.
      Installation When the application determines that the application is: QuickDictionary3000 already installed on your computer, or when the application Installation complete the process of installing applications: QuickDictionary3000 she starts the application to add a dictionary in the application folder is not asking for your assistance and fully automatically adds a new vocabulary, and all associated components.

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