Master Dictionary

          Module: Master Dictionary is used to search, add, delete and correct the content of dictionary.
     Being able to type special characters of some language on the
keyboard means essential thing that the language option Windows add support for entering letters via the keyboard in the dictionary language in which you use the application. For example, if you want to search, add or modify a word of German-French vocabulary you need to add a language option of Windows support for German and French, and so that their icons appear in the Windows system of language bar on desktop screen.
      The module displays the network data and translation into native language ( word by word ).

      If you'd like to get a translation of some words, it should be in the window:
type a searched term and press the Enter key on your keyboard or click the mouse on a button: the body of the module.
      If the requested word being in the dictionary, it shall appear in the window of datas.
      If the requested word is not in the dictionary, module displays the dialog box:

dialog-box disappears and you will be returned to the window where you started the search.

      Left click the mouse on any of these options:
��specifies the language and the column in which a module performs searched word whose translation you want to get. At the same time this is done, and sort the words in the network data in alphabetical order of language dictionaries for the selected column.
      If soritng will be in ascending or descending order, it depends on whether the Control buttons:
is the letter: A letter or D. Left click the mouse on a command button: sort the selected column of words in ascending order. Again, by clicking the mouse on this command button to sort the selected column of words in descending order.
      Module when the call is determined to sort it in ascending or descending order depending on how you specify in the Application settings on card: Word order.
      The window for the search words:
it remembers words which you get the translations from the dictionary. In the case if you have forgotten the translation of a word that you have previously typed to avoid double-typing the same word should only select the drop down list window and the module will display its translation.
Call the module: Text to Speech preview box.
calling module: Text to Speech preview box which in its text-box shows all the words contained in the results window words. Each word ends with the point as if it's the whole sentence. This allows you to pause when some words are bieng said over the speakers in the module: Text to Speech preview box.
      The module: Text to Speech preview box that you can place the speakers pronunciation of the word record in the audio track on the hard disk.
      The created audio track of the position of each break through the microphone that you can insert your own pronunciation of the translation and thus record a new audio track that behind the pronunciation of foreign words contended the translation in your native language.
      Before you start to speak to the microphone word translation, it would be a good that module: Master Dictionary be moved to the left edge of the screen, the module: Wave Sound Recorder to the right. Then in the module: Master Dictionary selects the first word in the word Window results word and start her search. When you get translations of required word, start play audio record to the speakers in the module: Wave Sound Recorder. When you say the word pause playback of audio and in the microphone record translations of words contained in the module: Master Dictionary. Repeat these steps for all the words to the end of an audio recording, and finally record a new audio track.
      The resulting audio file you can listen to done on any computer. To listen to a CD / DVD player, MP3 player, cell phone, etc. need to convert audio into an audio format that supports your device. MP3 format is supported on most CD/DVD/MP3/MP4 players while the audio format for mobile phone depends on the specific features of cell phones that play audio clips. More about using modules: Wave Sound Recorder can be found in the help section: Wave Sound Recorder.

     Network for data is made up of rows and columns that make up the boxes containing the word. Left click the mouse on the field in the network for data display in the window above, it shows the demanded word. question.
      An example of an English word: Accent

      Left click the mouse on a command button:
you enable uttering the words of the speakers.

      To delete, add or replace any translation you must first selects it's turn in the network data.
      Black triangle pointing from left to right in the left margin network data, images:
it shows that the translation is selected.
      Left click the mouse on a button:
you do move on and selecting the next line in the network data.
      Left click the mouse on a button:
you do shift and selecting the one row back.
      Left click the mouse on a button:
you do move on and selecting the first row.
      Left click the mouse on a button:
you do move on and selecting the last row.

      To erase the current translation which is selected, click the left click the mouse on a button:
and get a message:
which you need delete.
      Left click the mouse on a button:
confirm delete and delete the module deleting selected translation.

      To change a word, you must first select the first row in which it is located. Then click the button:
Select the first field in the selected translation. That selects the second field, press the right arrow on your keyboard. Content selected fields you can change using the keys on the keyboard to edit. Picture: When repaired, again left click on the same button find the module to change the record in a database application.

      To add a new word and its translation, click left click the mouse on the button:
to add a blank line in the network data. In the field to display the words in their native language translations of a key word in the field of overview of foreign words, type the appropriate word. After you fill empty data fields, click the left click of the mouse on the same key to the newly added word and its translation to a record in the application database.

      With sub-menu:
determines whether the words contained in the window: to be displayed in chronological order in which you are finding them, or in alphabetical order.
      The module can increase, decrease and determine its position within the basic module. When the next start-up module will have the position and size which you last set.
     Also, you can narrow down, stretch, shrink or increase in all the fields in the network data and the changes will be remembered by all modules. To do this first click on the button:
and then drag the mouse pointer on the right side of the column heading you want to stretch it to the mouse turns into this display: Press the left mouse button hold down and move it left or right mouse pointer to narrow or stretch column in the network data. Similarly, you can reduce or increase the height of rows in data network. When once succesfully finishedadjustable, again click on the button: to return to the normal operation of the module.

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