Module: Text to Speech preview box.

           Module: Text to Speech preview box is used:
 a. - For listening to the pronunciation of words or of text in foreign language
 b. - For recording the pronunciation of words or of text in a foreign language and converte into audio track.

     In the module text box you can type text in a foreign language.
     Also, you can copy the text of a foreign language from Windows documents, web pages, etc.
    Foreign-language text can be obtained by calling the module: Quick Dictionary or modules: Master Dictionary of words contained in the words of Window results word of these modules.
    The module you can specify whether the text of foreign language speakers to pronounce or will be recorded in audio file on the computer hard disk. When you create an audio track can be copied to it on another computer, MP3 Player, CD Player, cell phone, etc. Audio recording is in audio WAV format. It is possible that you have to convert wav audio format to another for your audio players may not support WAV format audio files. More on this, see peace of help: Wav format audio files.
    When the application: QuickDictionary3000 boot it under the application folder create a subfolder with the name: AudioText.
    If you select the text in a foreign language be written on audio track on the hard disk of computers, the module will be audio recorded in the folder: AudioText. Number of audio tracks, which are being recorded by the module is limited to a total of 10 ( ten ). When the number of audio tracks on the hard disk exceeds the number 10, module erases all previously recorded audio files in the folder: AudioText and you can still write new ones.
      Name of the audio recording is made in the name of language dictionaries, which are chosen to be the current sequence number. For example, if you select a dictionary: French <==> English dictionary for the current, the third title in a row of recorded audio files would be: FrenchEnglish03.wav
    Speed, mode, and a dialect pronunciation, or recording an audio recording of the text in a foreign language you set in the module: Speech output settings.

    Pressing the button:
module text in a foreign language spoken in speakers, or audio recorded.

    Pressing the button: module suspends speak on loudspeakers or recording in audio file.

    Pressing the button:
it becomes imprinted: and thus find the module that the text in a foreign language records in the audio track on the hard disk.

     Again pressing the button:
it becomes convex: and thus find the module that the text in a foreign language spoken to the speaker. While the module spoken text to speakers or a text written in the audio press the button: no effect. Only when the module ends with a sound processor or interrupt it by pressing the button: you can specify whether the module the next time you press the button: say text to speakers or written text into audio recording.

    Pressing the button: calling module: Wave Sound Recorder. Module: Wave Sound Recorder lets you record audio stored on the hard disk of computers be inserted the microphone's own audio recording of the translation of the text in their native language.
    The module: Wave Sound Recorder you can record audio and add a record via a microphone at any position by one or more audio recordings of their own translation of the text. A new audio recording audio then you can copy and listen to portable audio devices to play audio.
    For more information about this module, read the section of help: Wave Sound Recorder.


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