Start application.

      Start application: QuickDictionary3000 can be done in two ways.
a. from the Windows menu:
Start-> Programs-> QuickDictionary3000-> QuickDictionary3000 or
b. checkmark in the Application settings to automatically start application when start-up Windows.

      During the start application: QuickDictionary3000 checks whether the components are installed on the computer to process audio pronunciations of text output from the computer of the languages of dictionaries, which are in your hard-disk.
      If the application states that these items are missing it displays the installation dialog box that allows you to install the necessary components.
      You should follow the instructions of the dialog box and the application will install all necessary components.

      If you refused to add the dictionary into the application folder during the installing of the applications, it will display the module to add new dictionaries.
      You should follow this module by which applications to add new vocabulary and other components in the application folders, allowing you to use new vocabulary.

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